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Admission Information
Admission Intake:
Admission Starts in American Lyceum in the Month of March. The admission lists are finalized by the end of March. Final Examinations are taken in the month of March (Except Cambridge Section). In Cambridge Section admissions are taken in the Month of August and September.

Admission Test:
Admission Test is mandatory for admission in American Lyceum. In some cases interviews might be conducted. In the pre-school classes the admission may be taken on interview only.

Admission Process:
Step-1 : Fill the Registration Form. You can get the form from the respective branch. OR
You can fill the online registration form
Step-2 : You will be intimated about the admission test/interview date.
Step-3 : On being successful in Admission Test, deposit the required Admission Fee.
Step-4 : Admission Intimation letter will be sent to you.


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